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I'm a semi-speaking autistic trans woman musician, programmer, and game dev currently based in Johnson City, TN.

My pronouns are it/its, she/her, hop/per, and / // /*

For more information on pronouns and how to use mine, you can visit my pronouns page.

🎵 music 🎵

I got my start in music production by making noises with LMMS after listening to too much Skrillex and Deadmau5. Since then, I've gravitated more toward hyperpop and industrial music. I've explored different ways to express complex emotions and experiences through sound, things I may not have had the words to say. I do explore pain and depression through noise music, but I also feel that nontraditional sound can express any kind of feeling.

You can listen to and download my music on my bandcamp!

🎮 games 🎮

My favorite games are precision platformers, like Celeste and Super Meat Boy. My start in game design and development was inspired by The Binding of Isaac. I didn't always have the best tools to create games, and did things like scrapping together code in the basic notepad app because I simply had to create something.

My games are often figurative, and sometimes literal, diaries of points in my life, and I love to create connections with my players. As a dev, I love to watch inexperienced players interact with games in unique ways that experienced players might breeze by. I love the exploratory nature of some gameplay, like playing from someone else's save file and trying to figure out the game mechanics.

You can play and download my games on my itch!